The First Year is the Hardest !

That is a phrase that you normally see used in a marriage. I have found that is is the same for a new home. We have been living in our new home in Elmira, OR for a year now. The year has been spent working on the property and our home getting them both they way we like it. We still have at least another year of work to do. The kids are still living with us. They have bought a house and it is due to close on December 1st. I am very excited for them.

I am selling again in the new shop here in Veneta which is under new management. It is called Country Treasures. Some of my paintings have sold along with some cutzie crafts I have done. I am also getting my items ready for the annual boutique this area has every year. The weekend before Thanksgiving there will be boutiques everywhere. I will have a table at Elmira Open Bible Church located on Territorial. I will be selling paintings, colored pencil works, unique ornaments and some other cutzie items. Come say hi if you can.