The Final Move

Looks like we had to make one more move from Bend, OR to Elmira, OR. My husband says we are never moving again and I want to agree with him. We found a piece of property and are still setting up. My husband has a wood shop and a barn to do his work with. I plan to add to his honey-do list for cut projects for me to paint.  We also plan on getting some more goats and chickens as we had to give ours away. Our youngest son and family are temporarily living with us. They are hoping to be in a place of their own by Spring. Meanwhile, I am enjoying having them right here.

Once again I am taking a new step. A new store is coming to town. The Artisan Mercantile is a consignment shop in Veneta. I am very fortunate to be able to hang my paintings in there to hopefully sell. It is due to open on December 1st, 2016. Meanwhile, I will still be posting my paintings on here so you all can watch me grow. I will always be an Artist in Training!