My Artist in Training

At this time, my son, his wife and two boys live with us. Jayson is 3 and Jonny is almost 1. Jayson has had an interest in my art table (while located in the family room) ever since he was able to sit up and see what is going on. He has his own art table but prefers to use mine. Jayson is always checking out what I am presently working on and always has been able to recognize my subject...even in the early stages. He would crawl up onto my shoulders to watch me paint. As Jonny reached the stage of being able to peek over the edge of my table I decided that the interest in my table from two babies was a bit much for me.....and everybody else when I was not around. So, I transformed our guest room into a studio which has a door I can close. First time Jayson came in here nothing was organized at all..piles everywhere. He was able to see some of my paintings propped here and there. He proceeded to explain to us big people how he painted these as he rubbed his little hand lovingly across the painting. He gave his description of what he painted. About a week later he came into the room again and it was much more organized. He put out his arms and as he started to twirl around his face glowed as he excitedly said..."FINALLY, my very own art room!!!" The boys are not banned from this room. They get to have supervised visits into the art room.


Tracy 6/20/2013
That is so cute. My grandkids love their little art table I have set up for them. They had not discovered my art room till I moved my easels out to the garage for some large scale pieces. My grand daughter LOVES to sit at my easel and paint her own pieces and gives many instructions as to which colour to place on "her" palette. I found you via the Social Art working site. I live in Australia and am starting up the Deco Art Social Art Working here. I would love to ask a few questions or share ideas?? I am waiting on my first supplies order but I have done some of my own designs which I am teaching next month. Handmade at Warratahstree
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